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Age Verification

Upcoming regulation will require we verify the age of customers before delivering orders. This applies to all products designed to inhale nicotine, regardless of whether you use it with zero nicotine liquid.

This does not apply to non vaping specific products such as lithium batteries and their chargers, USB mains adapters etc.

Methods accepted by the law include:

  • Customer account already verified
  • Payment by credit card
  • Online age checks
  • Follow up checks with customer (requesting copy of ID) either online or in store

When the regulation becomes law we will be using these methods, in the order above, to ensure all customers are over 18 before shipping orders.

Customer account

If your customer account has already been verified by one of the methods above then any orders placed when logged in can be shipped without delay.

Payment by credit card

Payment by credit cards (only available to over 18's) is acceptable proof for the applicable order and future orders using your account, whatever the payment method.

Online age checks

Services exist which allow us to check the electoral register and credit reference agencies to verify your age. This would not affect your credit rating.

Follow up checks

In the event we are unsuccessful in verifying your age using the above methods we will contact you requesting a copy of ID showing your age.

In store verification

 We know many of our customers shop in store as well. An easy way for local customers to verify their account will be to show ID in store, we can then note this on your account for future orders online.